A-Team Matches

A-Team Matches - Various Clubs
10 Jul 2021

Defending Champion: Argyle CC           Runner-up: Manor CC

Dates: Play-in dates are July 10, 11, 17.   Sunday, July 18 is the rain make-up date and match date for winners of brackets 8 and 9.  Home team for that match will be decided by coin toss and teams will be notified of that result.  Final Eight dates are July 24, 25 and 31, 2021

Tournament Information:
A-Team Information, Divisions, Rules, Conditions of Competition  – all your questions will be answered ⇒ A Team – 2021 – Brackets-Rules-Terms

Participation and Liability Release Agreement for A-Team Matches ⇒ HERE

COVID-19 Tournament Guidelines ⇒ HERE

Updated Bracket  ⇒ HERE

WMGA ‘Hard Card – Local Rules and Conditions of the Competition HERE

Winning Team Captain or Golf Professional Staff – Please call Michael Cumberpatch at 410-991-7843 with the results immediately after the match.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Asterisk (*) indicates the Home Team – site of a play-off, if necessary.

2020 Results ⇒ A Team – 2020 Results