Important Information for Players

2021 - Important Information for Players - 2021 Season
01 Jan 2021

Important Information for our Competitors

Participation and Liability Release Agreement for WMGA Championships ⇒ HERE

WMGA Local Rules and Terms of the Competition (Hard Card) ⇒ HERE

COVID-19 Tournament Guidelines – Phase III ⇒ HERE

Code of Conduct ⇒ HERE

Hydration Awareness Bulletin ⇒ HERE

Spectator Carts are not allowed

Range finders/distance measuring devices are now allowed under the Rules Of Golf unless prohibited by local rule.

Range finder/DMD’s are now allowed in qualifying for all USGA events including the U. S. Open, U. S. Senior Open, and U. S. Women’s Open.  

Please visit the USGA website – HERE – for guidance on the use of these devices as well as the rule related to conforming golf clubs, golf balls, and other equipment.

Entries are subject to rejection by the WMGA at any time, including during the competition.  The reason for rejection may include unbecoming conduct, such as violation of host club policies, or failure to comply with the requirements of the handicap system. 

Breaking ties – other than play-offs –  ties will be resolved by the USGA method of ‘Matching Scorecards’ as outlined on page 403 of the ‘Official Guide to the Rules of Golf.’  Low last nine, followed by low last 6, low last 3, last hole.  If still tied, revert to front nine of last round played.

Handicap indexes must be from the player’s club as listed on the entry form.  They must be current on the date of the event, and must be viewable via,, or