US Open Local Qualifier

US Open Local Qualifier - Northwest GC
04 May 2021Northwest GC - Silver Spring, MD

Tournament Information – U. S. Open Local Qualifier

Northwest Golf Club, Silver Spring, MD – Tuesday, May 4,

Entries Open –   Week of TBD                  Entries Close – TBD

For tournament on-line entry and more information, please visit the USGA website

Do Not call the Northwest GC for practice rounds until you receive the contestant info packet immediately after the close of entries.

Tournament Documents:    

Informational PDF is here ⇒ 

Memorandum to Players ⇒ Available TBD

Distance Measuring Devices are ALLOWED in U. S. Open qualifying – see guidelines for use of DMD’s ⇒ Understanding the Rules of DMDs

Start Times/On-Line Scoring ⇒ US Open Local – Event Portal

USGA Hard Card ⇒

Pace of Play Policy ⇒ 

Pace of Play Time Chart ⇒ 

Notice to Players ⇒

Hole by Hole Notes ⇒ 

Groove Condition of Competition ⇒

Info Graphic on the Groove Condition ⇒ Grooves Condition-Open Championships-2019

Info Graphic on Hydration Awareness ⇒Hydration Awareness Flyer

Info Graphic on Anchoring ⇒ Anchoring the Club-Understanding Rule 10.1b

Lightning!!! ⇒Lightning Safety Poster