WMGA Senior Team Matches – Quarter Final Results

The quarter-finals of the WMGA Senior Team Matches concluded today with some very close contests. Those who follow the team matches understand that the final result does not always tell the whole story. Often, just one or two holes can change the entire balance of a match and skew the score.

Upper Bracket

Manor CC 7 1/2 – Old South CC 4 1/2

Evergreen CC 8 1/2 – Congressional CC 3 1/2

Lower Bracket

International CC 6 1/2 – Springfield G & CC 5 1/2

Hobbits Glen GC 9 1/2 – Breton Bay CC 2 1/2

The semi-final matches have shaped up to be close contests with Manor vs. Evergreen (Evergreen is home club) and International vs. Hobbits (Hobbits is home club)

Good luck to the remaining teams.