WMGA Senior Team Matches – Semi Final Results

The semi-final matches of the 2016 edition of the WMGA Senior Team Matches were about as close as they could get. In the upper bracket, Manor C. C. and Evergreen C. C. deadlocked after 18 holes, 6 – 6. In the ensuing play-off, Evergreen prevailed on the first extra hole. Evergreen will be representing the Old Dominion in the final match.

Hobbits Glen GC slugged it out with International C. C., clinching the win by a score of 7 – 5 and will be representing ‘The Old Line State.’ When the score is that close, you can bet the match came down to the final hole or two in each match-up.

The finals will be contested on Saturday, May 14. A coin toss by the Committee during the US Open Local Qualifier on Monday has decided which team will be the ‘Home Team’. Hobbits was designated ‘heads’ and Evergreen ‘tails’. The coin came up ‘heads’, therefore, Hobbits will be the Home Team for the Final. This should be a very tight match that comes down to the wire. Good luck to both teams!