Senior Team Match Brackets are Posted

The brackets for the 2018 WMGA Senior Team Matches are posted Here

This year 35 teams have entered the matches.  There are 8 divisions of 4 teams and 1 division of 3 teams.  The 3 team grouping will be Division 9.  The winner of that division will play-off against the winner of Division 8 to gain the final seeding in the Final 8.  This will require the Division 8 winner to play a fifth match.

Teams that were in a 3 team bracket in any of the past three years are in a 4 team bracket.  We have tried to minimize excessive driving between teams but there will still be a few longish drives.  We continue to work hard to spread the match-ups around.  No team will play another they played before in the last three years.

Please read the  ‘Rules, Conditions of Play and Additional Information’ which is attached to the bracket groupings.  Most questions you may have will be answered by that document.  The WMGA ‘Hard Card – Local Rules and Conditions of Competition’ are posted ⇒ Here

Good luck to all teams and thank you for participating.