Online Registration Is Now Open!!

Online registration is now available.  Go HERE to register and set-up your profile in our new tournament management system.  You will have to register before entering an event on-line.  Our new system, USGA TM (powered by Golf Genius) is the same one used by teh VSGA and many other golf associations nationwide.

This system is shared by the WMGA and the MAGA and licensed to the associations on behalf of the USGA by the VSGA.  The system is set up to differentiate between the two.  To register for USGA championship qualifiers, you must visit

If you have a VSGA account, you can use the same username and password and your info and GHIN data should transfer over.  If you are not on the VSGA system, you will have to create a profile.  It’s pretty easy to do.  Our old system, USGA TPP is no longer active and all that data is lost forever.  The systems do not ‘talk’ to each other so we could not transfer the data over.

Register Today! It’s Easy!

You may still enter events by downloading and mailing a paper entry from one of the two websites.  You may attach a check or use the credit card form (available for download directly under the entry form) and attach it to the entry.  All mail-in entries are marked to indicate their time of receipt.  You are still encouraged to register and set up your profile – it helps us on the admin end.

We hope to see you this season!