WMGA A-Team Matches – Brackets Posted

The WMGA summer A-Team Matches are set to begin on Saturday, July 14 at twenty-nine clubs across the region.  Columbia CC is the defending champion and has the ‘A’ position in the first bracket.

Teams are comprised of twelve players – eleven amateur members and one golf professional from the club staff.  Six players play away and six stay at home.  The professional is paired with an amateur and the pro/am pairings battle it out on the home teams turf.  Each match is worth 3 points – 1 for the front nine, 1 for the back nine, and 1 for the overall 18 – your typical ‘Nassau’ match.  There are 18 points up for grabs.  The teams with the most wins in their respective bracket, or in the event of a tie the team with either the most points or best head to head to record, advance to the final eight for single elimination.  The final match, weather permitting, is scheduled for Saturday, August 4.

Here are the winners and runner-ups going back to the first match in 1985 ⇒ HERE

Brackets ⇒ HERE

Rules and Conditions ⇒ HERE