WMGA Tournament Updates and Information – 3-16-2020

Life is in a holding pattern for everyone right now, and that is the same with golf associations nationwide.

Entry for most of our events opened today.  Here is some information and guidelines on how we will be dealing with entries through this time of crisis.

1.  If you mail in an entry with either a check or credit card, you will be notified upon our receipt of your entry and your name will be added to the field.  We will not cash your check or debit your credit card until we know for certain that the event is going to be played.

2.  When an entry is processed on-line, the player is automatically placed in the ‘Pending’ category.  Typically we transfer players from that category into the event within a few days.  For now, all players who register on-line will remain in the ‘Pending’ category until we know the event is going to be played.  That saves your card from being debited and limits the credit card fees we incur for a sale and refund.  When you register, you will receive an e-mail which will also describe the updated process.

Further events and government mandates could possibly further restrict our operations, hopefully for just the short term. We will utilize this space to provide updates and alerts about our activities.

Stay Safe – Stay Calm

Thank You