WMGA A-Team – Updates

Sunday Update – all matches complete  – see below for details – updated bracket here ⇒ A Team – 2017 – Schedule and Brackets Master-Final Weekend

Upper Bracket

Beaver Creek side of the match went at 1030 and Piedmont side of the match went at 130 – as of 430 PM Beaver Creek had won 9 1/2 points and will advance – awaiting final tally.

The University of Maryland GC defeated Norbeck CC by a score of 12-6 and will advance to the semi-finals to play Beaver Creek on Saturday, August 5.  Maryland and Norbeck were unable to play yesterday as both courses were closed for the day due to heavy rain the day and night before.  The winner of this match advances to the finals on Sunday vs. Columbia CC

Lower Bracket

Columbia CC defeated Hobbits’s Glen GC by a score of 10-8 in the lower bracket semi-final match and will play the winner of Beaver Creek CC and the University Maryland GC in the final match on Sunday, August 6.  Columbia will have the day off on Saturday, August 5.

The Final Match is next Sunday, August 6.

Remember, if one course is closed but the other is open, the match shall be played at the course that is open.

If a course is open but does not allow carts, the visiting team must agree to play without carts.  Opposing Team Captains/Professionals should communicate.

If both courses are closed, then obviously that match cannot be played and there will be a delay in the other matches being played.

Given the size of the territory over which the matches are to be played, conditions could vary widely.  Please review the rules/conditions for specific guidelines governing play. A Team – Brackets-Rules-Conditions – 2017     Here is the WMGA ‘Hard Card’ Hard Card – WMGA – 2017

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